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Wednesday, 28 September 2016
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The Nepali Samaj is established in April, 2003 as a non-profit, nonpartisan organization by group of young Nepalese and friends of Nepal in Germany. With the aim of helping Nepal in one way or other way around, Nepalese and friends of Nepal united and discussed various ways to help Nepal. Finally we came up with idea of establishing the organisation called "Nepali Samaj" with the vision

of "Supporting Nepal by Promoting Nepal".

In pursuit of this vision, we have penned in our mission which is: First, we need to organize nepali cultural program and participate in any cultural activities which gives chance to promote Nepal and its culture. Second, organize different fund raising program to carry out the projects in Nepal. Finally, we have felt that there is lack of common contact point for Nepalese and lovers of Nepal in Germany. To fulfill this vacum, we aim to establish Nepali Samaj as common contact point, which will be responsible to organise get-together in regular basis in various nepali festival.

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